Employee Spotlight – Erika Mabrey

While our employees put in lots of hours in the office, many have other, varied interests that they pursue once they walk out the door. One of Erika Mabrey’s interests is in fire and rescue, and keeping people safe.

Erika joined Ramaker in November 2014, as a member of our ever-growing Environmental department. Before we met her, Erika took classes in firefighting and fire inspection at MATC. To prepare for her fire inspector certification, she interned with the City of Madison (Wisconsin). After her internship, she joined the Dane Fire Department and was there for three years, while she was also an active member at the Lodi Area Fire Department (LAFD); working at both for a short period of time. She has been volunteering with the Lodi Area Fire Department for ten years, where she recently attained the rank of Captain, and started at Lodi Area EMS as an EMT-B two years ago.

As a testament to her commitment, she has worked hard to become a State Certified Fire Inspector, Rope Rescue Technician, Nationally Registered EMT, and driver /operator. She is also NFPA certified, even though it is not required in Wisconsin. With such a diverse background, Erika can do many things at LAFD, including rescuing climbers stuck on Gibraltar Rock.

If that isn’t enough, Erika is in charge of LAFD’s public education, PR, recruitment/retention, runs their Facebook page, and is the departments Secretary/Treasurer. As she tried to think of any other tasks she exclaimed, “I pretty much live there!”

And we can’t forget to mention, all this started when we discovered she was named Firefighter of the Year. Way to go Erika!