At Ramaker & Associates (RAMAKER), we have extensive knowledge in new building design. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of clients design new facilities, including hotels, restaurants, office buildings, fire departments, and many others. Every project has unique challenges and requirements, and the RAMAKER Structural Team has the experience to develop a design that meets the goals of all parties.

Montevideo Fire Station
Montevideo, Minnesota

The single story new building includes a large garage with a hose tower as well as offices, a training room, command center conference room, restrooms, laundry, and kitchen. The garage & hose tower are constructed of precast concrete walls with long span steel gable roof joists over the garage and light gage steel roof trusses over the tower’s roof. The garage floor was designed to integrate a radiate heating system into the slab-on-grade. The office area and antique fire truck garage are constructed of wood & masonry bearing walls with wood gable truss roof framing.

Embassy Suites
Canton, Ohio

This embassy Suites is a six-story, 130,000 square foot and 150 unit hotel with a full service restaurant, conference center, indoor pool, and exercise room. The structure is supported by traditional shallow foundations with a second floor transfer slab made from precast planks and steel framing. The structure then continues vertically with cold-formed steel bearing walls and cold-formed steel joists. The one-story front entry area contains conference rooms and are constructed from steel framing and open-webbed joists. The design of the entry area included a large two-story atrium and a steel framed porte cochère.

Homewood Suites by Hilton
Rochester, Minnesota

This Homewood Suites is located in the heart of Rochester, Minnesota. It is a six-story 108 unit hotel facility with half of the first story consisting of retail space, the hotel lobby, and the indoor pool, the other half of the first story and all of the second floor is a parking garage. Floors three through seven are guest rooms.  

This facility integrated the most efficient systems for this site by combining precast and cold-formed structural design. The hotel shares the adjacent parking garage and has access to the second floor parking via a new connecting bridge between the parking garages. The structure is precast double-tees, inverted tee beams, precast wall panels, and precast columns up to the third floor. The structure then transitions to a cold-formed bearing wall system for the remainder of the structure height.

Headingly Estates
Headingly, Manitoba, Canada

Multi-story residential and commercial hospitality wood construction has been one of RAMAKER’s largest areas of practice since the start of the structural engineering department. RAMAKER's structural engineers’ wood construction experience extends not only to work throughout the United States but also into Canada. The project is a three-story wood construction with a steel framed first floor over a basement level. The basement walls utilized Integrated Concrete Formwork (ICF) for increased energy efficiency. The floors were constructed using open web wood joists.

Five Story Wood Construction

RAMAKER’s experience has enabled its engineers to design beyond traditional construction which limits wood construction to four stories. RAMAKER has designed several five story all wood construction hotels. Steel materials are only used in large open areas for the lobby and common spaces. This provides the client the most cost effective means to gain additional revenue while minimizing the cost of additional land purchases. RAMAKER is experienced at developing the structural and fireproofing details required to allow for five story wood construction buildings. Thinking outside of the box is critical to ensuring the client is able to achieve their dreams and desires within their budget.

Hilton Garden Inn
Iowa City, Iowa

This Hilton Garden Inn is located on the edge of the University of Iowa Campus and was completed in Spring 2017. The facility is a twelve story hotel and conference center with the first two floors being support facilities and a multi-room conference center, the top floor is a rooftop restaurant and bar with an exterior plaza. In addition the basement includes a pool, exercise rooms and laundry facilities. The structure is constructed from mildly reinforced concrete slabs, concrete columns and concrete shear walls at the shaft locations. The facility also has a steel framed skywalk connection over the rear alleyway to the adjacent city operated parking garage. The foundation is supported using an auger-cast pile deep foundation system.