Peru’s Splash Field
Peru, IL

This baseball-themed splash pad opened in June 2018. Splash Field’s name was acquired from the donation of Toronto Blue Jay’s pitcher J.A Happ, a Peru local. It is 20,000 SF, and includes 25 above-ground play features, and 80 surface spray features. Ramaker & Associates (RAMAKER) provided engineering services for development of the construction plans.

Bethpage Camp Resort
Urbanna, Virginia

Bethpage Camp Resort wanted to install three water slides with two plunge pools. One plunge pool is part of a larger pool including a waterwalk and activity area. The second vessel is a separate bowl plunge pool. The two new splash pads are adjacent to the pools. A new bathhouse, storage building and equipment building were installed to service the pool area. 

Geneseo Campground
Geneseo, Illinois

This project was for the fabrication and installation of a Drench Deck Splash Ground feature at the Geneseo Campground. The Drench Deck was custom designed feature fabricated by Emerald FX. It consists of a fiberglass grate deck and water collection system upon which a multitude of spray features may be mounted. Also included is a below grade fiberglass vault with water holding tank. Within the vault is the water treatment equipment and feature pump.  

The Geneseo installation is the first ever Drench Deck fabricated and installed for public use at a commercial facility. As such it was designed, fabricated and installed in compliance with applicable public health codes for swimming pool facilities.

Quietwoods South Camping Resort
Brussels, Wisconsin

This is the construction of a new 4,000 square foot outdoor splash pad for the Quietwoods South Camping Resort. As a consultant to Pool Works, RAMAKER provided the design and engineering services.

Westmoor Country Club
Brookfield, WI

The Westmoor Country Club contracted for the construction of a new outdoor splash pad to replace their existing wading pool. As a consultant to Pool Doctors, RAMAKER provided the design and engineering services. 

El Dorado Sprayground
El Dorado, Kansas

This project was the development of a Sprayground area with features. Sterling West/Rain Drop provided the features and skid mounted pump and filtration system. RAMAKER developed aquatic construction plans and address coordination items with El Dorado regarding building, site and reservoir tank requirements.