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Does your pool meet USA Swimming’s standards?

Swimmers should race against the rest of the field, not the pool.

That’s what gaining USA Swimming certification is all about: proving that your competition pool is safe for swim meets and free of design irregularities that may give select competitors a unique advantage over their peers. Even if you don’t plan on hosting a USA Swimming competition, having your pool certified ensures the integrity of race results. Any swimmer who sets a record in your pool can rest assured that it won’t be discounted due to illegal starting block positions or inaccurate pool dimensions.

Expert pool surveying in Wisconsin and the Midwest

Why are licensed surveyors and engineers involved with USA Swimming certification for competition pools? USA Swimming requires it.

It takes more than a tape measure and a can-do attitude to record accurate measurements in an aquatic environment. That’s where Ramaker can help. Our unique combination of expertise in both aquatic engineering and surveying makes us a natural partner for municipalities, high schools, and universities hoping to gain USA Swimming certification for their competition pools.

Ready to dive into the world of pool surveying? Fill out the form on the right to discuss USA Swimming certification for your competition pool with a Ramaker team member. Interested in learning more about USA Swimming’s guidelines for competition pools? You can find USA Swimming’s full list here, or you can check out Ramaker’s recent article on the topic: What makes a competition pool a competition pool?

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