The structural engineering team at Ramaker provides our clients with a full range of services in commercial, industrial, residential, and telecommunications sectors. Additionally, we perform investigations, evaluations, and structural designs for renovations on buildings built from the late 1800s to present day. This range of services gives us comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the various structural systems utilized during different eras of construction. Our broad depth of experience gives us unique insight into the behavior of various types of structures enabling us to provide efficient designs for both new construction and modifications to existing building structures and foundation systems.

We are committed to providing high-quality, professional service by collaborating with our clients to achieve the design that reflects their vision and exceeds their expectations. Our team is able to achieve this by using top structural analysis software and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies.

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From Structural Slabs to Specialty Foundations

At Ramaker, we have extensive knowledge in new building design. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of clients design new facilities, including hotels, restaurants, office buildings, fire departments, and many others. Every project has unique challenges and requirements, and the Ramaker Structural Team has the experience to develop a design that meets the goals of all parties.
Existing building renovation is an area of significant experience for Ramaker. Our engineers regularly complete renovation or property improvement projects on hotels, restaurants, schools, and office buildings to update features and remodel interior spaces. Several projects have consisted of renovating historic buildings to convert them into office, hospitality, or many other uses.
At Ramaker, our aim is to optimize buildings and systems to eliminate wasted resources while keeping our clients profitable. We strive to deliver functional, well-executed designs, while remaining cost efficient. By coordinating closely with all design team members, vendors, and general contractors, we can ensure an organized, well-executed project from start to finish.
Ramaker's structural engineers are experts in aquatic facility design - including specialty foundation designs, rooftop pools, competitive pool base designs, aquatic feature design, specialty bridge design, and slide tower designs in multiple material types. In addition to aquatic design, our engineers have designed projects for theme parks, zoos and aquatic structures, ranging from small theming rockwork to multi-story free-standing rock formations. Our structural engineers perform on-site inspections of existing structures, including water park attractions. Continual exposure to water and moisture can accelerate the deterioration of materials like wood and steel. In order to ensure the safety of all water park guests, the structural integrity of slides and slide platforms must regularly be evaluated. These inspections are not limited to slide towers and water features, but can also include the building structure which houses the waterpark.
The engineers at Ramaker have broad experience in structural assessments from historic structures to parking garages and industrial facilities. Previous projects have included historic clock towers, renovations of national registered historic landmarks, and iconic institutional campus facilities. Industrial and manufacturing facilities include overhead crane routine inspections, roof condition assessments, code improvements, fire damage assessments, and more! We develop individual reports for the client's specific desires. These can vary from short letter reports to detailed reports with prioritized repair drawings and specifications that are programmed to balance the client's long term maintenance budget, schedule, and safety.
For well over two decades, the dedicated professionals at Ramaker have worked with numerous telecommunication carriers and clients to deliver a wide range of quality services in a competitive turnaround time. The diverse backgrounds of our team members, along with our in-house professional and structural engineers, make Ramaker well suited to accomplish multiple phases of telecommunications development projects. Our experience in the telecommunications industry has lead us to work in both the public and private sectors on a variety of projects including macro sites, small cells, and DAS.

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