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Ramaker is a multi-discipline architecture & engineering firm, with both the personal touch and a nationwide presence. We are headquartered in Sauk City, Wisconsin and perform work in locations across the nation.

We are a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) firm. Our employees are dedicated to providing the best experience for clients and strive to go above-and-beyond what is expected. With our current workforce of experienced architectural and engineering staff, Ramaker is positioned to take client satisfaction to a new level.

For over two decades, our staff has provided exceptional professional engineering services to our clients, enabling them to create successful projects. Our prompt service and dedication to their project has brought about many happy clients who return to us for on-going work.

At Ramaker, our mission is simple: Enhancing the lives of clients and employee-owners.



timeline of our history

Founding DRAG ME RAMAKER IS FOUNDED RAMAKER IS FOUNDED 1992 Ramaker & Associates is founded at the home of Terry and Sandy Ramaker Early Founding DRAG ME 1993 First Geotech Report Office expansion, move to Water Street location Business expansion – now providing land surveying, civil and environmental engineering Early Founding DRAG ME ENVIRONMENTAL FOCUS 1994 First Phase One Environmental Assessment Cell Tower 1st Telecom Site Designed First Aquatics Project DRAG ME BEGIN AQUATICS SERVICES 1995 1st small scale indoor waterpark project (Polynesian) Services Expand DRAG ME SERVICES EXPAND 1996 1st Structural Analysis on a Cell Tower Business Grows DRAG ME COMPANY EXPANDS 1997 Company grows; moves to Dallas Street location; 20 employees Services Expand DRAG ME 1998 1st Cemetery Mapping and Software Implementation Project 1st large scale indoor waterpark project (Wilderness) SERVICES EXPAND Services Expand DRAG ME SERVICES EXPAND 2002 Water Tower Added 3D photo simulation services Telephone Pole Business Grows DRAG ME COMPANY EXPANDS 2005 Company grows again; Dallas Street office expansion; over 50 employees Become ESOP DRAG ME BECOME ESOP 2007 Employees purchase Ramaker and become an ESOP Services Expand DRAG ME SERVICES EXPAND 2010 Hampton Inn Acquired Cities Edge Architects, bringing Architectural design services in-house Environmental Milestone DRAG ME ENVIRONMENTAL MILESTONE 2012 5000th Phase 1 Environmental Assessment Completed Geotech Milestone DRAG ME GEOTECHNICAL MILESTONE 2014 Over 90 employees, Completed 2000th Geotech Report New Building DRAG ME NEW BUILDING 2015 Moved to new office on Community Drive (our own building) Aquatics Milestone DRAG ME AQUATICS MILESTONE 2016 Complete the design of one of the largest and most complex waterparks in the world (EPIC) Anniversary DRAG ME ANNIVERSARY 2017 Celebrated 25th Anniversary CIMS Milestone DRAG ME 2018 1000th Cemetery Software Implementation Opened New Jersey office Company Expands DRAG ME COMPANY EXPANDS 2019 Company grows again; over 115 employees 40,000 Telecom Sites Designed Cell Tower Denver Office DRAG ME NEW BUILDING 2020 Opened Denver Office



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