Design Considerations for Hotels Near Sports Complexes

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Design Considerations for Hotels Near Sports Complexes

The location of a hotel is often paramount to its success. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of hotels situated near sports complexes. With a continued growth nationwide in youth sports participation, more sports facilities are opening in tertiary markets. Soccer, baseball, and pickleball are experiencing the biggest increases in participation, requiring more fields and courts and, therefore, more land.

As a result, multi-sport athletic complexes are popping up in new areas and communities must adapt to deal with an influx of travelers with unique needs. Thoughtful design choices can transform a hotel into a destination that not only complements the adjacent sports complex but also stands as an integral part of the overall sporting experience.  While providing a ‘base camp’ for the overall sporting tournament or weekend, there are various other amenities that can set your hotel apart from others.

Diversify Room Types

Small tweaks in the types of rooms your hotel offers can help accommodate the unique needs of families traveling with their young athletes. Including more suites and double units ensures that parents and children have space for privacy. In addition, offering connecting rooms not only provides another option for families but also gives chaperones a way to keep an eye on players traveling without their parents while still maintaining their privacy.

Provide Multiple Group Gathering Spaces

Multiple teams will likely be staying at your hotel concurrently, so it’s important to make sure you have enough space for them to gather. A variety of meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and outdoor seating gives multiple groups space to congregate. Whether for pizza parties, discussing strategy ahead of the big game, or celebrating a team member’s birthday, coaches and players alike will appreciate having a private space to meet in.

Include a Variety of Dining Options

Consider incorporating multiple dining offerings to cater to different dietary requirements. A continental breakfast buffet is a great way to offer quick and easy meals for busy athletes and their families. Grab-and-go meals are also a great way to ensure that healthy choices are always available. Including a designated area for team meals or catering services makes accommodating larger groups as easy as possible for both hotel staff and visiting teams.

Enhance Recovery and Recreation with Amenity Spaces

Want to go the extra mile and make your offerings stand out amongst the competition? Consider increasing the square footage of the fitness center to offer young athletes a place to warm up before games and providing outdoor space to recharge and connect with friends and family. And don’t forget about the pool! Ramaker’s aquatic design team can help you create a fun and relaxing space for teams and their families.

In crafting hotels near sports complexes, the fusion of thoughtful design and meticulous planning opens a world of opportunities. By understanding the distinctive needs of traveling teams and families, developers and hospitality professionals can create spaces that support visiting young athletes.

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