Project Spotlight: Sauk Prairie Outdoor Pool Renovation

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Project Spotlight: Sauk Prairie Outdoor Pool Renovation


Sauk Prairie outdoor pool renovation


Looking to meet the needs of the growing Sauk Prairie community, the Sauk Prairie School District partnered with Ramaker to restore their existing outdoor pool’s iconic bathhouse and repair the facility’s six-lane, L-shaped swimming pool, wading pool, and diving well.

Ramaker’s connection to this project went beyond professional expertise. Being a member of the community, Ramaker was eager to work with the school district and the Sauk Prairie Recreation Department to create a safe and fun environment for students and local families to enjoy. The pools and supporting facilities had been renovated in the early 1990s and needed significant improvements.

The renovation began with the bathhouse, which was originally constructed in 1935. Ramaker’s architectural team worked to maintain the structure’s classic appearance while also adding necessary features. The team addressed masonry repairs, louver replacements, and interior finishes and provided office and changing room improvements.

Ramaker’s approach to the pools centered on two things: safety and usability. The Ramaker aquatics team designed a new wading pool with play features for families with younger children and modified the L-shaped pool’s basin, expanding the shallow area for young swimmers. Additionally, the pool deck was extended by approximately 1,300 square feet. The facility also includes new shade structures, diving boards, and water treatment equipment.

Despite the ultimate success of this project, it was not without challenges. To finish the pool in time for the 2021 summer swim season, the project team had to establish and adhere to an aggressive timeline. Ramaker’s range of in-house expertise and the firm’s strong partnerships with Kraemer Brothers, who served as the general contractor, and Badger Swimpools, who addressed pool improvements, allowed Ramaker to complete the renovations quickly and efficiently. Numerous local contractors also contributed to the project.

By coordinating with this experienced project team, Ramaker was able to help maintain this water recreation fixture for students and families in Sauk Prairie.

Opening soon: Sauk Prairie outdoor pool

Sauk Prairie’s newly renovated outdoor pool is scheduled to open June 1, 2021. Community members must register in advance to use the facility.

Potential visitors should note that COVID-19 safety guidelines remain in place. The pool is operating at reduced capacity, and visitors are required to wear masks anywhere outside of the water. More information on the Sauk Prairie Recreation Department’s guidelines can be found on their website.


Pool renovation in Wisconsin and the Midwest

Since 1992, Ramaker has designed and renovated pools and aquatic facilities for municipalities, high schools, universities, and other organizations. From recreational pools for community members of all ages to competition pools for university swim teams, Ramaker has developed a robust aquatics portfolio with a range of pool projects.

Looking to repair or renovate your pool? Start a conversation with Ramaker today.

Project Spotlight: Sauk Prairie Outdoor Pool Renovation
Ramaker added new shade structures for additional sun protection.
A photo of Daryl Matzke


Aquatics Market Leader

Daryl contributes 35 years of experience in the aquatics industry, which has allowed him to participate in diverse projects throughout the US.  His key skills involve establishing long-term relationships with clients, design teams, regulatory review agencies and operations and management specialists for the successful implementation of our marketing efforts. His commitment to excellence is influential to the project management and technical staff of all Ramaker services.


Architectural Project Manager

Rhonda contributes 11 years of experience in the architectural industry. Her specialty lies in managing small-scale, multidiscipline projects. Her areas of expertise include master plan development, space planning, building design, project management, and construction administration.

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