project highlights

services provided

Full Service Architectural, Interior Design, Engineering

anticipated completion date


number of units

126 units


Heated Underground Parking, Two Rooftop Balcony Areas

Trotta Apartments

Middleton, WI

As a company, we at Ramaker & Associates sought to expand our territory as well as our portfolio, and in doing so, our image changed. Now known simply as Ramaker, the name change parallels the modernity of some of our latest projects: 5G cellphone towers, aquatic wonderlands, and now modern apartment buildings are all being developed with state-of-the-art software from multiple locations across the country. Ramaker’s first multi-family building design in Dane County, The Trotta, will be a modern alternative for multi-family living in Middleton, WI.

Named in homage to the original homestead owners of the site, The Trotta is a new 126-unit multi-family development spanning the 3100 block of Parmenter Street in the middle of Middleton, Wisconsin’s Parmenter Corridor. The building includes 1, 2, & 3 bedroom units of various floor plans and some of the amenities include private balconies, stainless steel appliances, an underground parking garage, ample fitness room, multiple common/club areas with indoor fireplaces to provide ambiance year-round, as well as several rooftop balconies & entertainment areas at the residents’ disposal. The modern aesthetic is fueled by the building’s dramatic eaves, several types of masonry, and a variety of composite siding styles, eave heights, and banding throughout the façade.

This project was made possible with efforts from members of Civil, Survey, Environmental, Structural, & Architectural Disciplines, and was a true team effort.

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