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For well over two decades, the dedicated professionals at Ramaker have worked with numerous telecommunication carriers in Colorado to deliver a wide range of quality services in a competitive turnaround time.  From stealth sites to tower sites, telecommunication rooftop and water tank sites, we have the experience in engineering and consulting for any type of installation.

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The goal with stealth sites is to conceal the tall, slender cellphone towers that most customers need but few want to see erected in their neighborhoods. As telecommunications companies fill gaps in their networks, many have sought to camouflage ungainly outdoor equipment. So-called stealth cellphone towers have been around for more than two decades and have been concealed in a wide variety of ways, including in a pine tree, a silo, church steeples and flagpoles to name a few.


On a rooftop cell sites, wireless providers can deploy small cells, microcells and full macro distributed antenna systems that help expand their coverage. Rooftop systems have the ability to deploy targeted cellular coverage within a specific, limited geographic area. This is especially the case in metropolitan areas like Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora.


Water tanks and towers can be optimal structures to place antennas if a tower site is not feasible. Water towers are a necessity to small towns and are often considered quaint landmarks. The ability to connect communications antennas to water towers allows a win-win scenario between telecom companies, and the general public, from an aesthetic standpoint. Water towers also make for desirable equipment sites because they simply provide access to great cell site locations. Companies want their equipment located in centrally populated areas and at as great of height as possible.


Ramaker’s engineers have performed tower site development and engineering services for wireless service providers, tower companies, private sectors and OEMs in Colorado. Our depth of in-house service offerings allows us to streamline and efficiently manage telecom tower projects from start to finish.


Now more than ever, our society is relying on wireless network coverage. Small cells have defined purposes when it comes to providing end users an improved cellular experience in congested urban areas. A small cell installation consists of small radio equipment and antennas that can be placed on structures such as streetlights, the sides of buildings, or poles. They are essential for transmitting data to and from a wireless device in high data usage areas. Our engineers are experienced in site selection and are able to provide solutions to achieve optimum network performance in difficult to reach places.

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