For well over two decades, the dedicated professionals at Ramaker have worked with numerous telecommunication carriers and clients to deliver a wide range of quality services in a competitive turnaround time.

The diverse backgrounds of our team members, along with our in-house professional and structural engineers, make Ramaker & Associates, Inc. well suited to accomplish multiple phases of telecommunications development projects.  Our experience in the telecommunications industry has lead us to work in both the public and private sectors on a variety of projects including macro sites, micro sites, DAS, and small cell.

Ramaker strives to build lasting relationships by handling our clientsā€™ needs in a professional and proactive manner, offering the following solutions: 

Engineering and Design

  • Site Audit
  • Photo Simulation
  • Lease Exhibit
  • Utility Coordination
  • Grounding and Resistivity Testing
  • Construction Drawing
  • Zoning Drawing

Civil Design

  • Construction Inspection/Staking
  • Boundary and Topographic Land Surveying
  • Site Survey
  • 1A/2A Certification


  • NEPA Review
  • Archaeological Surveu
  • Section 106/NPA Review
  • Phase I ESA
  • Phase II ESA
  • FCC/FAA Filing
  • Material Handling and Waste Disposal Coordination
  • Wetland Delineation


  • Structural Analysis (Monopole/Self-Support/Guyed Tower/Water Tower/Rooftop/Stealth/Light Pole/Utility Pole/Equipment Platform)
  • Mount Analysis 
  • Tower and Foundation Modifications/Reinforcements
  • Mount Modifications/Reinforcements
  • Geotechnical Investigation