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Free-standing ossuarium

Holy Wisdom Monastery

Middleton, Wisconsin

Looking to provide a comforting space where community members could engage in peaceful reflection and honor the deceased, Holy Wisdom Monastery’s leadership decided to develop the Holy Wisdom Memorial Courtyard.

In the fall of 2020, the monastery enlisted Ramaker to provide land surveying and site engineering services for the outdoor improvements, which included the installation of new sidewalks and the addition of an ossuarium.

As part of the improvements, Ramaker’s surveying team located and marked the monastery’s property lines, installing a wooden lathe along the western edge to establish a visual property line and discourage encroachment. Ramaker also provided Plat of Survey documentation for the monastery’s land to the Dane County Surveyor’s office.

Site engineering services for the project included construction plan generation, erosion control measures, grading, sidewalk construction, placing electrical conduits, and foundation design for the ossuarium.

Now, what is an ossuarium? Ossuarium, or ossuary, simply describes a space in which the remains of numerous individuals are stored. The ossuarium in the Holy Wisdom Memorial Courtyard is a combination of a columbarium and an ossuarium. The circular structure contains 72 companion niches, capable of holding the remains of 144 people. The ossuary, which can hold the cremated remains of 240 urns, resides at the center of the granite monument. The ossuarium was added to the Memorial Courtyard on July 22, 2021.

To learn more about the Holy Wisdom Memorial Courtyard, visit the Holy Wisdom Monastery website.


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