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Civil engineering and land surveying

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Cemetery expansion

Ebenezer Moravian Cemetery

Watertown, WI

Ebenezer Moravian Cemetery wanted to expand their cemetery for future grave plot sales. For this to happen, it was required to plat their two currently unplatted parcels utilizing a Certified Survey Map (CSM) plat to combine both unplatted properties into one platted property. We created a preliminary site plan for the rezoning process as one of the properties needed to be rezoned in order for the land to be used for cemetery purposes. Once the rezoning process was approved, the CSM was then reviewed by the affected municipalities and then ultimately recorded with the Register of Deeds. Our Civil team was brought on to design the cemetery expansion, and the Survey team then construction staked the design for the general contractor to build the site.

Prior to completing the civil/survey work, Ebenezer Moravian Cemetery implemented CIMS Cemetery Software. As a subsidiary of Ramaker, the CIMS team was able to share drone photos and maps of the cemetery to assist the Ramaker project team, working together to provide exceptional service to the cemetery from planning through construction and, eventually, with managing the completed expansion.

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