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Sunset Hills Cemetery Transitions to CIMS Platinum

Looking to move their cemetery records to the cloud and share burial information with the local community, Sunset Hills Cemetery in Bozeman, Montana, partnered with Ramaker to implement CIMS Platinum.

Founded in 1872, Sunset Hills Cemetery is a 73-acre cemetery that features diverse tree species and more than 16,000 burial sites. It is the only cemetery owned and operated by the city of Bozeman, Montana.

CIMS Platinum uses the most advanced map­ping technology in the industry to connect all ownership, interment, and marker information to a digital cemetery map. Ramaker’s CIMS team transforms each partnering cemetery’s existing maps and records into interactive maps that provide real-time insights into which spaces and niches are sold and which ones are available.

In addition to CIMS Platinum, the city invested in a Burial Search site for Sunset Hills Cemetery. Burial Search by CIMS allows local communities to search burial information online without the assistance of cemetery staff. The online cemetery management tool also assists genealogists with historical research.

The City of Bozeman began its relationship with Ramaker in 2006, when the city implemented CIMS Desktop at Sunset Hills Cemetery to streamline its record-keeping practices. Ramaker’s CIMS team developed a seamless GIS framework to accommodate all cemetery data, which had previously been managed using a combination of paper maps and CAD files.




Since 1998, Ramaker has partnered with more than 1,000 municipal, religious, and private cemeteries to implement software that simplifies management and streamlines daily operations. The firm’s CIMS team provides approachable ceme­tery management solutions designed to meet the challenges modern cemeteries face. As a full-service architecture and engineering firm, Ramaker has the capabilities and reach to serve cemeteries across the nation.

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