Most cemeteries have an overall site plan, which assures continuity between development phases or may be necessary for local jurisdiction permitting. Our civil engineers and land surveyors can assist in developing plans for the future of your cemetery. Thoughtful consideration is given to transportation, drainage, landscape, and support buildings. Our environmental scientists can also analyze soil, hydrology, and vegetation criteria to identify and delineate any and all wetlands on your site for future expansions.

For over 20 years, Ramaker has provided more than 1,000 cemeteries with our custom-tailored, computer software application specifically designed for cemeteries called the Cemetery Information Management System (CIMS). CIMS links all of your cemetery data to computerized maps of your cemetery, allowing you to interact with your map to access your data. Instead of retrieving your cemetery data from multiple sources, CIMS integrates it all into one easy-to-use information store.

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