Welcome Home

Our new home in Sauk City!

After 17 years at the Dallas Street location, we have up and moved just down the street to 855 Community Drive. Though we will miss our home of so many years, the move was needed to house our ever-growing and expanding group of professional staff.

We were bursting at the seams at our old location and went searching for something to fit our needs and budget. We were able to purchase a building nearby and started working on the plans to renovate it for our own use. All design was in-house and our team did a fabulous job in turning words and visions in to plans, construction and finishing touches.

Our Civil department pulled off a beautiful site design. The structural department provided the framework for the architectural staff to creatively work with. Our mechanical systems not only fit our needs today but they are designed to expand with us into the future. The goal was for our facility to look and feel “crisp and professional” and our interior designer pulled that off to a tee. It is amazing how each and every aspect was pre-planned, prepared for, and then implemented.

Our CEO wanted everyone to be involved and requested anyone who had ideas or input to say so. This all started well before our actual designs were starting and continued throughout the design and construction process. All ideas were seen as important and considered. Some were incorporated and some were not. It just goes to show how personally vested everyone has been.

Even after design, our employees were excited and involved. From planning logistics, to packing, to putting furniture together, to setting up workstations and more, everyone at Ramaker jumped in to help.

Our new office home is bright and airy, with room for growth. There’s more office space, break room space, and parking space. We have commuter bikes for lunchtime errands or just a brief getaway from the office. There are splashes of color and abundant plant life everywhere. And the entrance…..just wow!

After all this, it’s time to party! Join us in moving on to bigger and better things at our Open House event on Wednesday, November 4th at 5:00 pm.