The Difference Between Good Meeting Space and Great Meeting Space


Meeting spaces are becoming more open to increase collaboration by encouraging more face-to-face interactions and communication. With the increase in collaboration, these spaces need to go from just good to great. Read on to learn what key elements will elevate your meeting space from good to great!

Presentation options.

Since everyone is different, having multiple ways to present material is important. Having the option to use TVs and other electronic devices, white boards, tack boards, etc. will allow people the option to choose what best suits them or their presentation.

Modern Technology.

With companies expanding to new cities and countries, technology is key to communicate with employees and clients. Modern technology is needed to conference in employees and clients who may not have the ability to physically be at the meeting. It’s also important to have the ability to power multiple personal devices. People can have multiple devices (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) at a meeting and the technology is needed to ensure people can use these devices in an effective way.

Appropriate furniture for the task.

The classic layout of a long conference table can still be effective, but it isn’t ideal for creative thinking. Brainstorming sessions need a flexible seating arrangement to encourage discussion. People should also be able to take notes while seated facing the presenter, and not facing the center of a conference table. Ergonomic considerations are especially important when designing a space that is to be used for long periods of time.


A meeting space should encourage the sharing of different ideas, but that discussion shouldn’t disrupt the day to day operations or be heard from a distance. Sound proofing and other acoustic solutions may be necessary to prevent sounds from spreading throughout a building.


It’s important to have multiple spaces of varying sizes and attributes that allow people to work in an environment most suitable for the task. Outdoor meeting spaces may be considered for those beautiful days when fresh air could energize the team. Taking large meeting spaces and breaking them down into smaller spaces with movable partitions can be helpful for meetings that move to break-out sessions. Having movable furniture also allows for easy reconfiguration of the space.


The above two images show the same meeting space, just set up in different configurations - which illustrates the flexibility a great meeting space needs!